Developing a Personal Practice (Foundations)

Focussing on: Communication, Contemplation and Connectivity.

This is a foundational template. Listening & levels of communication. Contemplative and self-reflection work (with some grounding in types of meditation) Also some basic physical ‘linking’ practices with guidance on exploration.

Women’s Health (Prenatal / Postpartum)

This focusses on some education regarding common problems during/following pregnancy. Including some ways to manage non-specific lower back pain and help re-strengthen your pelvic floor again.

Some useful stress-management and ‘de-tensioning’ exercises are also part of the course.

Re-Building the Lower Body

Foundations of a strong, adaptable and flexible lower body.

Building resilience, power and control through the foot, ankle, knees and hip.

Largely bodyweight training, as this might best reflect sport/life.

For powerlifters, part of this might be useful as an injury prevention/non-specific rehab programme.