Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning & Movement Coaching

Strength is a Skill
— Pavel Tsatsouline
Young man, you will never be any stronger than your hands and wrists
— Earle Liederman

Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning & Movement Coaching

My approach to training is fairly simple. My goal is to help you build your capacity. Regardless of if you want to lose weight, or modify your powerlifting training or improve athleticism - there are things that you should be working on.

I believe you should be able to move responsively, with fluidity, agility and strength. Giving you the ability to control relaxation and tension, and control a full range of motion in joints that are resilient, pliable and fully aware.

Your capacity to move is everything. Developing Strength, Control & Flexibility through whole body movements and supplementary exercises.

If you wish to work with me - I am easily able to cater training to your goals. That could look like circus aerial basics, weightlifting, kettlebells, crawling & locomotion, martial arts, ‘movement’, sports specific training. I also have my other methods that I prefer to use if you don’t have a specific ‘method’ in mind for your own training.

Much of the training, either in private sessions or in group classes, will be focussed on developing strong movement patterns as a foundation: Learning to squat, hinge, lunge, spring, twist, push, pull, crawl and carry.

Developing resilience to injury, and improved physical capacity are essential. Secondary goals such as fat loss, flexibility, specific skills (wrestling, circus aerial skills etc) and sport specific training (improved jumping, foot speed, tennis, golf etc) can also be worked on - I have worked on helping athletic performance for swimmers, track and field athletes, rugby players, powerlifters, martial artists, BJJ athletes, yogi, golfers and tennis players.