Performance Practice

Strength is a Skill
— Pavel Tsatsouline
Young man, you will never be any stronger than your hands and wrists
— Earle Liederman

Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning & Movement Coaching

Building your capacity to move responsively with fluidity, agility and strength. Layered relaxation and tension that can control a full range of motion and joints that are resilient, pliable and fully aware.

Completely personalised to each individual's (or groups) ability, wants and needs.

With my background as an Trainer and Osteopath, it gives me insight into how to coach, cue, adapt and teach movements safely and progressively - avoiding injury or overtraining. This is essential for those who want to be able to train for specific goals,  educate themselves how to train properly with correct from, or find a perfect strength and conditioning program that suit them.

Your capacity to move is everything. Developing Strength, Control & Flexibility through whole body movements and supplementary exercises.

Also crucial to be aware of is making any Lifestyle Adjustments: Nutrition, Recovery Strategies,  & Body Composition plans (Losing fat, gaining muscle etc).

More about Movement Coaching:

Movement coaching is much more nebulous to define than regular training. It goes much deeper into exploring the abilities and qualities that we can possess. It can be highly specialised for people engaged in sports at the high level, or very broad for people wanting a generate a wide capacity for movement.

The goal is to have an incredibly strong and agile body, that can move through all ranges of movement with awareness and nuance. Cultivating the ability to play, to compete and to totally relax - all while learning how to prevent injury and keep growing as a mover and human being.

Initially with simple concepts:

- Awareness (Breathing, Proprioception, Interoception, 'Air Sense' etc)

- Tension & Relaxation (Breathing, Irradiation, Bracing, Deep Relaxation, Stillness etc)

- Positional Control (Bridge, Hollow, Squat, The 4 Knots, The 3 Centres, The 5 Roots, etc)

- Transitional Ability (Ukemi, Locomotion, Brachiation, Swimming, Footwork Climbing etc)

It can be done anywhere with minimal equipment, or using a full gym and traditional equipment.