Restore - Inform - Perform

Restorative Practice - Osteopathy & Rehabilitation

Your body is strong, adaptable and is very good at healing itself.

Restorative Practice (and treatment) offers a solution that is rooted in both Osteopathic tradition and philosophy as well as the most up to date pain science, neuroscience and rehabilitation. Helping you manage, understand and overcome whatever ails you.

Common conditions treated and managed include:

Back pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, pregnancy related pain, sports injuries, chronic or persistent pain, sciatica, postural issues and headaches.

Informative Practice - Stretch Therapy, Internal Processing & Meditation

For anybody who wishes to dive deeper into their unconscious procession of their own body, tap into their awareness and regain control of their parasympathetic nervous system.

Often culminating in developing a practice that is unique to you, and can help you understand your own stress management, your own body and your own mind.

Performance Practice - Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning & Movement Coaching

Helping you develop and faster, stronger and more agile body.

Sport/Discipline specific training is available for Climbers, Grapplers (BJJ, Judo & Wrestling), Yogi & Crossfitters.

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Registered with the UK General Osteopathic Council,

Member of the UK Osteopathic Sports Care Association,

Certified REPS Level 3 Master Personal Trainer

Certified Stretch Therapy Teacher